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A Harry Styles single is coming and you are so NOT READY for it!

*access panic room*

Try and keep calm, act cool, just make it through these next couple of sentences and then you are free to hyperventilate alongside us. Fangirl mode, activate.

The release date for Harry Styles‘ single has prolly just dropped and even though IT’S ABOUT CHUFFING TIME! It’s also a bit of a blindside, babes. We just ain’t ready. We need time to prepare for something like that! So when IS it hitting the airwaves exactly?

The rumour mill has been hard at work. But statements like this:


Are actually beacons of hope. The gif game has been strong on that tweet thread too:

It’s based on what HITS Double Daily have said about the hit unleashing on the world in the timescale above. It’s also gonna have a slightly different sound than you might expect.

A 1970s British rock vibe? Echoes of Queen and David Bowie? The website says this of it:

“The lead single, which could come out as soon as late April or early May, sounds like it would be a smash in any decade.”

RIP. David Bowie. An icon.

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And we already know Ed Sheeran has given it a thumbs up:


So set a reminder on your phone. Make a note in your diary. Write the date on your arm with a Sharpie…

Let’s get hurry and get ourselves mentally ready for this. The clock is ticking. We’ll know one way or another real soon. GIVE IT TO US, HARRY!

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