Why should you read ‘A Court of Mist and Fury’ – The romance? The world-building? The badass ladies? All of the above!

‘A Court of Mist and Fury’ is the second book in Sarah J Maas’s scorching hot fantasy trilogy and we’re so in love with it that it hurts a bit. But why should you dedicate your time to a 600+ page book, you ask? LET US TELL YOU.

sit and listen

1. It is hot af. Within only a few pages we were blushing. Seriously, don’t read ACOMAF in public because, well, you really don’t want anyone reading it over your shoulder. Talk about awkward…

2. We mentioned it was 600+ pages, right? Reason number two. Seriously, we still wanted more even after all that. ACOMAF is an emotional rollercoaster you just never want to stop. Like ever. We didn’t sleep for two days…

just one more page

3. The faerie world. You thought the Spring Court was all faerie had to offer? Well, you’ve got some surprises heading your way. We’re a bit (a lot) in awe of Sarah J Maas’s world-building skills and it was so cool to meet more characters and see more of Prythian.

4. ROMANCE. I know we’ve talked about how hot it is, but that’s nothing without the romance to go along with it, and wow were we swooning. Sarah J Maas is just really good at love interests, you know. Her brain must be an excellent place to live. I mean, come on:

ACOMAF quote

5. Badass ladies. Feyre was obvs completely badass in ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’, but she seriously amps it up in ACOMAF. And she’s not the only one! We’re introduced to two epic Night Court women in this book: Mor and Amren, and quite frankly, we want them to have their own books! They’re AMAZING.

6. The twists and turn will give you whiplash. If you’re any way involved in the bookish community, you’ve probably heard bits and pieces about the ways ACOMAF changed things for the story. Some people are angry and some people are thrilled, but you’ll have to read it to find out which camp you’re in…

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Written by Sophie Waters

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