A chunk of Antarctica is about to fall off! Here’s 11 ways you can prevent impending doom

Legit save the world.

So, scientists are in a serious flap because a massive piece of Antarctica is ready to break away. It’s not necessarily because of global warming, but our environmental approach can have a real effect on what happens next.

If you don’t want your favourite places, animals and people to suffer then there are some quick and easy things you can totally do that will have a long-term effect. POW!

1. Get informed – This is literally the easiest! By learning about the things that can hurt our ecosystems and environments can go a long way.

2. Be careful with water – It’s one of those resources we all expect to have access to. But a huge amount of energy, money and manpower goes into creating clean water for our homes. Make that shower 30 seconds shorter, that bath half an inch shallower. A little goes a long way, just ask UNICEF ambassador Selena Gomez!

3. Don’t litter – It doesn’t only put local wildlife in danger, if it’s not biodegradable it just sits there… Foreveeeerrrrr!

4. Fundraising – Find something you feel passionate about and get out there and support it. Raise some money doing what you do best, or by taking on a challenge. The cash raised will go to a good cause and you can feel the pride in that.

5. Stop the standby – Turn stuff off, don’t just leave it on standby because it still uses juice.

6. Rechargeable batteries – Phase out your disposable batteries, where you can.

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7. Use your own mug – Most coffee places will let you take your own mug now. This saves on waste and you get to enjoy your fave hot drink in your fave cup. Nice!

8. Buy secondhand – Books, clothes, furniture. You get to give these objects a new home and it’s good for the planet. Plus it’s usually ten times cheaper. Win, win, win.

9. Light bulbs – The best idea you’ll ever have! Change to energy saving light bulbs. Bosh.

10. Clothes horse – Drying your clothes on a rack or outside on a line takes longer but it saves energy, obvs!

11. Be savvy – You gotta live your life and sometimes it’s not easy to think environmentally. But just a little extra time to think can go a long way. And if “Clueless” Cher can do it…

There’s probs nothing that will stop that chunk of iceberg from falling off… but we can take steps now to lessen the knock on effect. Fo sho.

Which environmentally savvy celebs inspire you? Share in the comments below!

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Written by Sarah Clare

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