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Totes amazeballs

Remember when we did that thing and gave Wattpad’s new ‘Tap’ app a go? Yeah, you bet we used it to make sweet, sweet Draco Malfoy fanfiction, because that’s how us Potterheads roll.

But we also had a few niggles about the whole experience too. Welp, Watpadd came back to us and said “hey, we’ve changed stuff, wanna see?” and heck yes we did.

The biggest change that we cannot be more ecstatic for is the new ability to react to the stories we like (or don’t like, we suppose, but we ain’t in the business of flaming).

Yas! This gives us a serious happy and it means we had no time to lose in finding Tap stories that totally rocked our emojis. Here’s a few to wet your whistle:

1. That Scallywag Edgar by Cesar Vitale

Mia’s boyfriend has been spotted with another girl. With the help of her best friend, Mia gets her revenge by trashing his apartment.

OMG, yes way. This is happening. It’s funny. It’s dramatic. And it’s the perfect chat story to creep on. #allthelols

2. Ted’s Last Girlfriend by Ariel Klontz

Amy’s boyfriend, Ted, lost his last girlfriend Karen to a terrible accident three years ago. So when someone claiming to be Karen texts Ted’s phone, Amy can’t help but snoop. What first seems to be a horrible prank escalates into something far more terrifying.

Ooh. Read with the backlight firmly on. This will give you serious chills.

3. Wicked Love by Rebecca Sky
All Henry wants it to spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend Neive, but a strange text conversation makes it difficult. This Tap story is a modern retelling of Snow White.
Representing for the retellings! YES YES YES! We have a thing for retellings in the MP! office… Not even sorry about it.
4. Everything to Lose by Gemma Runner
Christine is getting married in the morning. When she can’t sleep, she messages her best friend, Tom. It’s a conversation that will forever change their friendship, for better or worse.
A little older than YA but trust us, this one is a hella addictive. Literally couldn’t stop tapping. It’s like getting a serious case of ‘just one more episode’ while watching Netflix.
5. Sexy Stalker by JBfangirl98
Cynthia didn’t think finding an abandoned phone at her local coffee shop would lead to a strange romantic encounter, but could it?

 6. Virtual Boyfriend by Kimberly Vale

Allison downloads a Virtual Boyfriend app but ends up downloading a virtual stalker instead.
YAAS! Have anyone read the ‘Absolute Boyfriend’ manga? It’s like that. But less “SQUEE!” and more “OMFG!”
7. IRL by Emma Temple
Jennifer’s about to meet her online love for the first time, and she’s worried she’s been catfished.
Who HASN’T binged on MTV’s ‘Catfish’ series? This one is for all our binge-watching buddies!
Jess is texting her boyfriend while she’s on a girls’ retreat at a cabin in the woods. When a girl goes missing, the group quickly realises that something is very wrong.
This reminded us a little of Becca Fitzpatrick’s ‘Black Ice’. It’s creepy-smooth. Which, once you read it, you’ll understand what we mean.
Trapped in a tobacco store during a zombie apocalypse, Lou texts his baby sister and is in for the surprise of his life.
Obligatory zombie apocalypse story. Because everyone loves a good ol’ fashioned paranormal romp, right? Serious ‘The Walking Dead’ vibes with a little bit of ‘Sean the Dead’ thrown in for good measure.
FLAARHWREHASDASD. Which is Zombie for “you’re welcome”.

Have you tried out Tap by Wattpad yet? What do you think?

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