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9 tweets you’ll only understand if you’re a die-hard Directioner

Think you’re the ultimate One Direction fan? Prove it.


We’ve rounded up nine tweets you’ll only understand if you’re a die-hard Directioner (like us). Count how many you can relate to and brag about your score with a tweet to @maximumpop!

1. You own at least one item of clothing that showcases your love for the boys

And wear it everyday, probably.

2. Thinking that every pigeon is called Kevin


Thanks Louis.

3. Expanding your vocabulary in a way that none of your non-Directioner friends ever understand

4. Being hounded with questions after Zayn left the band

5. Making sacrifices like this for the sake of Liam’s spoon phobia

6. You’ve read this fanfic so much you basically have it memorised

7. Your diet consists of lots of carrots for no other reason than Louis


9. Finally, being the master of this look when people criticise the boys

1D for life.

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