9 times New Girl has summed up our One Direction fangirl lives.

We love New Girl and we love One Direction, and we’ve noticed that New Girl pretty much sums up the fan girl life of a Directioner, so here is 9 times New Girl has summed up our 1D fan girl lives.

1. When it’s Friday and schools out and you know all you have to do all weekend is lay on your floor with your best mate and listen to ‘Made In The A.M.’


2. And then you start to question everything as you blubber through ‘Love You Goodbye.’EMOTIONALLY

3. When you think about what you would say if you actually met them.TAK OFF UR CLOTHES

4. When your parents wont give you the money for BROTHA OUT

5. When you see that where you were yesterday the boys are today…wrong place

6. And it takes you forever to get over it because it feels like the end. giphy (46)

7. That moment when it happens, all that waiting, you are finally at the show and you see them for the first time in the

8. In a bid to try and find out what the lads are doing after the show, you look to whatever you can for extra confidence. pink wine

9. It’s the next morning and you infact did not find out where the lads went out.taylor swift

So that pretty much sums up our entire lives. Can you relate? Let us know over on @maximumpop

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