9 times we wished we were as badass as Professor McGonagall

If we went to Hogwarts (we’re STILL HOPING) then we’d totally be terrified of McGonagall. Forget Snape, it’s all about the fearsomely brilliant Transfiguration professor.

mcgonagall and snape

And she just got cooler and coller as the series went on. We ended up just wanting to be her…

Transfiguring into a cat might actually be the most genius way of scaring your new students into behaving

mcgonagall transfiguring

Punishment? What punishment? Be the Gryffindor seeker instead!

mcgonagall quidditch

MgGonagall’s defence of Professor Trelawny in the face of Umbridge’s evil  makes us rather emosh tbh

defending trelawny

Her dance with Ron in ‘Goblet of Fire’ was one of the funniest bits in all 8 movies

ron mcgonagall dance

Flawless insults in alliteration is a seriously underrated skill

bumbling babbling baboons

The way she welcomed Harry back before the Battle of Hogwarts obvs didn’t make us tear up *sniffles*

it's good to see you potter

Making dreams come true since 1935


boom mcgonagall

Minerva McGonagall doesn’t tremble in fear

his name is voldemort

She may be a professor, but she STILL loves magic and finds the forbidden spells hard to resist

I've always wanted to use that spell

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Written by Sophie Waters

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