9 things everyone secretly does on social media but won’t admit to

Everyone uses social media, but not everyone is completely honest about what they get up to on it. Spend hours stalking your ex on Facebook? We’ve all been there.


We’re shedding some light on all the secret things everyone does online. Here are 9 things we all do, but NO ONE will admit to:

1. Stalk randomers on Instagram


I don’t know who you are, but I’m 52 weeks deep into your profile *PLEASE don’t accidentally like something*

2. Add loads of hashtags to your Instagram post and then delete them after the likes roll in


Mwahaha now they’ll think I’m Insta famous.

3. Take photos in bulk and then upload one a day so everyone thinks your life is continually exciting


Instagram says you were sunning it up on a beach, but really you were binge-watching Netflix in your pyjamas.

4. Watch your own Snapchat story multiple times


Soz, I can’t help being this entertaining.

5. Constantly check to see if that certain somebody has viewed your story


Damn, he’s only got 15 minutes left to view my lit AF selfie. C’MON.

6. Meaning to reply privately to a snap but accidentally adding it to your story instead


Oh, the shame.

7. Creep on bae’s Twitter and Facebook likes


And probably getting yourself butthurt in the process.

8. Spam celebrities and delete the evidence when your tweets don’t get noticed


“LOVE ME, HARRY.” I’m definitely desperate but only lowkey.

9. Retweet your own tweets


No shame in my internet famous game. Ok maybe a little.

Are you totally guilty of anything on this list? Let us know @maximumpop – we’ll keep your dirty little secrets, promise.

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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