9 things we all think about in the shower

There’s nothing better than getting into a steaming hot shower at the end of the day, but more often than not we spend our entire time doing anything BUT getting clean:

time showering graphic

So, if we’re not washing, what exactly are we doing for so long? Here are 9 things we’ve all thought about whilst in the shower:

1. An awesome comeback for that argument we had this morning

During the heat of the moment you don’t have a hope in hell of coming up with a good comeback, but hours later you’ll think of the best one. If only we could go back in time now and deliver the sickest burnnn. *Applies aloe vera to the wounded area*

2. The monster that’s obviously hiding at the other side of the shower curtain

Monster or murderer, for some reason we’re always concerned we’re about to meet our suddy, slippery end while showering. Naked.

3. Tomorrow’s to-do list

Sometimes we cry about everything we have to get done tomorrow.

4. Everything we forgot to do today

The amount of stuff we forget to do right up until we’re in the shower and ready to crawl straight into bed afterwards is ridiculous. Let us sleep, brain! Please try to remember things during daylight hours!

5. What our X Factor audition piece would be

Our months of shower rehearsals totally mean we’re ready for stardom, right?

6. Every embarrassing moment ever. On a loop.

Honestly, why do we leave the house and embarrass ourselves like this?

7. Worst case scenarios

As if worrying about what’s already happened isn’t enough, we’ll also map out the exact worst case scenarios for every upcoming event and outing. Yup, we’re all going to die. Obviously.

8. Perfecting our Panda impression

You’d think we’d have learnt to take our makeup off BEFORE getting in the shower by now. The answer is nope.

9. How damn hilarious we are

Right?! RIGHT?! Why is no one else here to enjoy our witty humour and sardonic snips? The world is missing out.

What do you think about whilst in the shower? Which of these do you think is the most relatable? Tweet us @maximumpop!

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