9 of the bestest, quirkiest, strangest bookshops you can legit visit!

We do love online shopping. It makes quickly grabbing a basket full of books much quicker and easier. HOWEVER! There is still nothing quite like the physical bookstore.


It’s the smell of it. It’s holding each tome in your hands and feeling the weight of it, the texture of the. Marvelling at the artwork in the light. And then despairing that your pockets are empty… But sometimes it’s just good to browse! So here’s 9 of the oddest (and the best) bookshops to ever pop up!

1. La Caverne aux Livres. This French book shop is literally inside an old postal train.

And if that wasn’t charm enough, they also specialise in old books. But it’s great for a jolly good browse too.

2. Barter Books, Alnwick. This quaint place can boast as the place THAT second world war poster was found… You know the one…

Keep Calm and Read A Book! Or something like that… But claim to fame aside, it’s also a pretty neat shop. It’s cute interior goes a little something like this:

3. The Book Barge, Britain’s Waterways (currently based in France). This is a barge. Full of books. And full of charisma and wit.

They are literally living. What do they sell? Well, books. Duh. But it’s probably easier to explain what they DON’T sell. In their own words:

“We do not sell: eBooks, souls, to people who talk too loudly.”

4. The Norwegian Booktown (Bokbyen), Fjaerland. Yes, you read that correctly. A booktown. Are we packing our bags immediately? You better believe it!

It consists of various secondhand bookshops, some outdoors, some attached to galleries and cafes. But all in one place! A booklover’s fantasy, right?

5. Singing Wind Bookshop, Arizona. This lady has been selling books for decades. It’s not got any real online presence and finding it is a bit of a trick too. Winifred will give you a tour, but visitors will tell you she’s straight talking. You knock something over? You better pick it up sunshine!

You can’t get more “off the beaten track” than this!

6. Waanders In de Broeren, Netherlands. This one of a kind bookstore offers you a whole world of culture and stuffs to explore under its roof. And what a special roof that is! Built around the architecture of an old church, who knew book browsing could become such a spiritual experience!

Beautiful. Odd. And fabulous.

7. Liberia Acqua Alta, Venice. As backdrops go, you can’t get much better than this. Nestled into one of the small streets Venice has to offer, this place is the gift that keeps on giving!

The cats are very real, and ever-present. We can vouch for that!

9. Brazenhead Books, Manhatten. The story of this place is fascinating. The original location, a wicked cool dude’s apartment, was recently closed after eviction (eviction we say! Rude!) – something to do with the secret getting out and too many people descending on the place!

It’s a speakeasy. A semi-secret bookshop. Reopened and back in business… somewhere. Host of salons. The hottest seat in town. The best place to be. But where? WHERE? Hush, hush. If you look hard enough you can find it.

And that’s about it for our list of cutest, quirkiest, oddest, weirdest, most cavelier, most bohemian, most bookish bookshops.

We want in on that speakeasy. But what about you? Which one do you want to visit? Leave a comment below!

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