A lot of crap is spread about girls, their bodies and their capabilities – and it’s all lies!

To say we make up 50% of the population, us ladies are seriously misunderstood. You wouldn’t believe the kind of myths that everyone believes about us – even that some of US believe about ourselves and others – but team MP! have done some super serious, totally scientific research and put together 9 common myths about girls that just aren’t true. Like, at all.

1. That being hairy is unhygienic

So many girls are making the decision to go bare “down there”, but are they doing so because of false information? Everywhere your hair grows naturally is perfectly normal – and it’s actually really hygienic! Who’d have known it?

2. That girls aren’t good at STEM subjects

How ridiculous! Brains or beauty? Hm, how about both. According to the stats in the Verizon ad above, 66% of 9-10 year old girls said they liked science and maths yet only 18% of all engineering students at university level in the USA are female. Seems like something funny’s going on here, so how about let’s stop guiding young girls away from STEM activities and instead push them to do what interests them. After all, we all know they can rock what ever profession they choose, STEM-based and all.

3. That women are worse drivers

This argument is just so… silly. How do you quantify and measure which sex is better at driving? Sounds pretty impossible to us! Some people are good and some people must’ve passed their test by sheer luck, but we’re pretty sure this has zero to do with what parts they’ve got going on down there.

4. That a woman’s place is in the home

This one doesn’t even bear discussing. Moving on…

5. That girls can’t catch

Seriously, our hand-eye coordination isn’t impaired by being a lady. Some of us definitely can’t catch but a lot of us certainly CAN, thank you very much.

6. That hijabi women are oppressed

Wearing a headscarf doesn’t make Muslim ladies oppressed. We think this is a serious misconception but the hijab is a personal choice – women who wear them can be empowered, can be feminists, and can be perfectly comfortable with who they are. Hijabi ladies, keep rocking it! We definitely stand by your choice to cover up.

7. That we wake up like this

We’d love to be Beyoncé, but even she doesn’t wake up looking #flawless. None of us do. It’s a part of reality. We can still make our bedhead and bleary eyes look pretty damn fine though so don’t underestimate us.

8. That we pee out of the vagina

Confused? Don’t worry, we were first too. There are more holes down there than you might realise and it turns out you actually pee from the urethral opening not the the vaginal opening. That’s why those of us with vaginas can pee even when we have a tampon in!

9. That only curvy girls have stretchmarks + cellulite

Good news! Cellulite is completely normal and has absolutely nothing to do with how much love you’ve got on your handles. So next time someone tries to fat shame you (which is never cool!), get out your super scientific lab coat and school them on what your body REALLY is: 100% bona fide perfection.

Did any of these myths surprise you? Do you have any more debunked myths we could add? Let us know @maximumpop!

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