9 items every cool ’90s girl had in her bedroom

Oh the ’90s, how we miss you. It’s hard to believe that it was 20 years ago, but our memories of all the super cool things we had in our rooms as teens are still freshly intact.


Here are 9 items every cool ’90s teenage girl had in her room:

1) Hair mascara


It left our locks feeling sticky af but WE DIDN’T CARE.

2) Hot lips phone


Totally impractical but the ultimate indicator of your level of coolness.

3) Glow in the dark stars


If you didn’t have these on your bedroom ceiling as a kid, you have never lived.

4) Beaded curtains


You’d hang them up on your doorway so that you couldn’t enter your room without getting tangled up in them and boy was it glorious.

5) Inflatable furniture


Move over beanbags, blow-up furniture is where the real fun was at.

6) Spinning disco ball


Why? For discos in your bedroom, duh.

7) Beanie Babies


You barely had any room left on your bed because of these but you just couldn’t get enough of their cuteness and definitely needed them all, right?

8) Dance mat


You soon learnt that the way to win was just by stepping and definitely not dancing.

9) Lava lamp


You spent way too long being mesmerised by these than was probably socially acceptable. #YOLO

What was the coolest item you had in your ’90s bedroom? Let us know with a tweet to @maximumpop

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