9 inspirational quotes from HBO shows you can actually live by

Who knew your all-time fave shows could also be used as useful life-altering mantras?

hold the door

Welp, it’s true. From Al “sweary” Swearengen from ‘Deadwood’ to the hilariously honest Hannah Horvath from ‘Girls’, here’s all the quotes you’ll ever need to get you through even the crappiest of days.

1. Because you should be proud of that resting bitch face. It’s not YOUR problem, k?

true blood pam 2

2. Whilst we’ve got Pam from ‘True Blood’, here’s some very chill advice that everyone should follow:


3. ‘Deadwood’s finest, for when you need that kick up the butt to just get on with it. Nut up.

al swearengen deadwood 1

4. Hannah Horvath for prez.

girls 1

5. And once you realise that you are your own worst enemy, no one else can touch you:

girls 2

6. We could have gone two ways with Tyrion, but the wine and women aren’t needed here. So:

tyrion 1

7. Yaas, qween.

daenerys 1

8. Friendships are important. It’s never a bad thing to be reminded of that.

sex and the city 1

9. And finally, that you don’t need to strive for perfection. It’s impossible. But that’s ok. Truly.

sex and the city 2

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