9 Harry Potter spin-offs we’d buy in a heartbeat

It’s one thing for our fave franchise to be continued in the form of short stories and little tidbits from the author. But what we REALLY want is a new book, right?


Not a play, not a film, not even a potted history. We want a full-on bona fide fiction feast. At least 500 pages. Hardback. Beautiful. So here’s some of the spin-offs we’d KILL to have from the Harry Potter universe…

1. The Marauders. The big one. Might as well start as you mean to go on because this is THE one, right? Surely there is no other group of people from the HP books who deserve their own series.


And just think of the options! You could have one book per Marauder. Or a seven book series following their time through Hogwarts. This is what we really want. You listening, Jo?


2. The Death Eaters. Maybe a little dark for some, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see the formation of this group? And then see those iconic members as young adults, figuring out the politics and the hierarchy of it all. Plus, Bellatrix.


3. Ilvermorny. The format is easy for this one. Create a fresh set of characters (maybe some distantly related to some of our faves) and follow them through their time at the North American school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Right?


Because surely Voldemort can’t be the only “big bad” wizards have faced in recent times. And again, seven books please thank you.

4. Aurors. A whole series dedicated to a slightly darker, and much more magical James Bond type intelligence spy operation. With wands and stuff. Yep, we’re down.


5. Luna. Who doesn’t want a whole book dedicated to this goddess of the eccentric? We would imagine her perspective would be a unique one, that’s for sure. And quite possible a little surreal to experience as a reader?


Plus a subscription to The Quibbler.

6. Dolores Umbridge. Because we actually might need more than a short story to truly begin to understand this much evil. An entire novel still might not be enough, really.


7. Quidditch Through the Ages. Expand on this, please, JK.


Wouldn’t it be fun to have the sport at the forefront of a spin off? Obvs would need a kick ass protagonist, on an epic journey to become the best Beater of them all? *shrugs*

8. Hogwarts Founders. And maybe even way before then. It could be fun to see just how the wizarding world came together in such a way and also how they played their part, or avoided playing a part, in muggle history.


9. Charlie Weasley and his dragons. Because… DRAGONS! Duh. No brainer.


Which spin off would you most like to see? And what else would you add to this list? Leave it in the comments below!

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Written by Sarah Clare

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