9 tweets only people who grew up with braces know to be true

Oh, braces. Anyone who grew up with them will be familiar with the struggles that plagued our everyday lives. (Stop calling us metal mouths, okay?)


Here are 9 tweets you’ll only understand if you’re one of us:

1. The pain of trying to eat after getting your braces tightened

2. Knowing these never worked but using them all the time anyway

3. Constantly hearing other people say they wish they had braces

*sigh* they just don’t understand.

4. Starting to think your mouth was going to be stuck with metal forever


5. When they don’t cut the wire enough


6. You’d rather have broken a bone than experienced this

7. This was the hardest decision you ever had to make

8. You quickly became a very skillful liar

9. But despite the pain, you secretly know it was all worth it for that perfect row of pearly whites

Who’s laughing now? *flips hair*

How many struggles on this list can you relate to? Let us know your own experiences with a tweet to @maximumpop

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