9 struggles everyone with dark hair knows to be true

Dark hair, don’t care. Okay maybe we care just a little bit. Lol jk having dark hair is the bane of our life and blondes will never understand the daily

Here are 9 struggles you’ll only understand if you have dark hair:

1. Your hair feels like it’s on fire on sunny days

**Walks out into sun** "Is my hair on fire?" #darkhairproblems

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2. Dying your hair is a journey not a day trip

3. Dry shampoo is a no-go unless you love the dandruff look

4. Either your face looks good or your hair does, lighting won’t allow you to have both

5. Those are not grey hairs, they are strands of glitter growing out my head

6. Body hair removal is a mission and a half

7. Everyone asks if you’ve dyed your hair

8. Your roots get you feeling like this most of the time

Ugh these #Roots though. #darkhairproblems while going #blonde. Hurry and be Friday!

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9. You don’t care if your hair falls out, you just want to be platinum


Can you relate to any struggles on this list? Let us know your own dark haired probs with a tweet to @maximumpop!

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