8 tweets which will make you completely rethink how you see mental health issues

And there’s a lot to think about

In Adam Silvera’s ‘History is All You Left Me’, Griffin is suffering from OCD. And with the death of his ex-boyfriend, Theo, the boy he fully expected to be his endgame, it only starts to get worse. Not even getting to know the other boy in love with Theo and grilling him on Theo’s post-Griffin life helps him helps to soothe what Griffin sees as his ‘quirks’.

But the only way out is through and Griffin has a serious journey ahead of him. We do wonder if it would have been slightly easier for him if he had someone to help him along the way.

These tweets from our faves shine a real light on actually living with mental health issues.

1. Taking a mental health is totally okay. In fact, it’s recommended.

2. You CAN get through it. 

3. Well said, Lauren! It sucks, but we can live through it. 

4. If you have a platform to speak up about mental health, USE IT.

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5. Be considerate. You never know who’s suffering. 

6. Even Zoella suffers from anxiety. You’re definitely not alone.

7. Nothing exempts you from suffering from mental health issues. 

8. Never listen to Piers Morgan. 

What a hero.

What’s the best advice you’ve heard for living with your demons? Let us know in the comments below.

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