8 times McFly were the nicest guys in pop

Despite releasing their debut album ‘Room On the 3rd Floor’ more than 12 years ago, there’s a reason why McFly still manage to sell out arenas. While countless other boybands have come and gone there is something wonderful in the way that McFly have managed to remain fresh and current for so long.

Dougie, Harry, Danny and Tom are coming to the end of their sell-out UK-wide ‘Anthology Tour’ which sees them playing all of their albums in full across three nights in one venue. It just serves to highlight the strength of their back catalogue that there is enough to please fans even if they do only play tracks from one album (plus a few cheeky crowdpleasers).

But, the quality of the music aside, the best thing about McFly is that they have never lost that spark that they had back in 2004. They play mega-hits like ‘5 Colours in her Hair’ and ‘Obviously’ with the same excitement as they did when they first started and they clearly aren’t sick of each other one bit!

Here’s why McFly are the nicest guys in pop:

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1. They know exactly what their fans want

There was no messing around. The boys went straight into ‘5 Colours in her Hair’ and ‘Obviously’, which got the set off to a roaring start.

2. They’re always oodles of fun

They leap around the stage like a bunch of wild things and their banter is always top notch

3. Speaking of banter, DOUGIE’S BANTER!

He joked about and was laughing throughout the whole thing and you know what they say about laughter being infectious. Also, about half-way through he admitted messing up a couple of songs! There’s that self-deprecating British humour coming out.


4. They clearly love each other

They just love performing and we love watching them!


5. They taught us that ‘Love Is Easy’

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6. And they put it back on the radio…

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7. They always have and always will keep their feet on the ground

McFly will always keep their feet on the ground #roomonthe3rdfloor #mcfly #mcflyanthology

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8. They do everything for the fans, even taking requests.

Yes, ‘Transylvania’!

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