8 days ’til Christmas – 8 smiles of Harry Styles, you’re welcome sunshines.

8 days until Christmas, would you believe it? We feel like we’ve just come out of festival season! To help you with this fast approaching Christmas count down we thought we would give you one of your presents early…

In the shape of the 8 smiles of Harry Styles.

You’re most welcome.

1. His polite smile (school picture day.) school picture

2. His ready for it smile (when you know your friends going to say something funny before they say it.)


3. His can’t hold it in anymore smile (in class, trying to hold it together but you just can’t hold it anymore.)


4. Fetus Harry Smile (we all have that smile we used to do before we learnt how to smile.)


5. His slightly confused smile (you’re not quite sure on the joke but you know it’s funny.)

bit confused

6. His congratulation smile (When you friend say’s something really funny and you are so happy for them.)


7. His proud smile (when you go home and have the snack you and your mates  have been dreaming all day so you send them a picture.)



8. His inside smile (when you look around you and realise how lucky you are but it would be too weird to spontaniously smile to yourself.)


Hopefully this ties you over until Christmas.

Happy 8 days ’til Christmas from us and Harry.

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