Beyoncé gives you 8 reasons to buy The Struts debut album

We all know Beyoncé is basically the Queen, so what better human being to tell you why you need to buy The Struts debut album? They’re a bit glam, a whole lot of rock and roll and a bucket load of awesome.

1. You can shake what yo mumma gave ya to pretty much every song on the album.

beyonce 1

2. The whole album is basically a massive party. And we love to party.

beyonce party

3. They all have amazing hair, you should buy the album purely for this fact.


4. There’s a track on there called ‘Dirty Sexy Money’. We know you want it.


5. It’s only £8.99 on iTunes. Let’s admit it, anything less than that is going to be naff… and BASIC.


6. The Struts recently supported the mighty Rolling Stones, soon they’ll be selling out stadiums. You need this album to learn the words.


7. There’s SO MANY air guitar opportunities.


8. If you bought each track separately instead of buying the album it would cost you £2.89 MORE. Just some simple maths for you there, think about it.

beyonce ok

So there you have it, 8 fool proof reasons you should head out and purchase The Struts debut album ‘Everybody Wants’ this week, straight from Q B’s mouth herself.

Oh one second, she just wants to pass a message on to the lads.


Download The Struts album on iTunes here

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