8 pop stars and their weird phobias including Liam Payne and his spoons

Lots of us have got phobias. Spiders, heights, you name it, someone’s got it, including pop stars. Some are fairly normal, some are a bit… weird. Here are some of your faves and their freaky fears.

1. Adele and Seagulls

adele nail

Adele is not a fan of these birds. She has a reason for it, though. “I was walking down the promenade in Tenby eating [an ice cream], when this huge fucking seagull came down and swiped it off me… I thought it was going to take me away with it.” We have a fear of things taking our food, too.

2. Justin Bieber and sticky hands


If you’re going to give the Biebs a handshake, please make sure your mitts are nice and clean. “I hate getting sticky stuff off my hands. I’ve always had, like a phobia – not a phobia, but if I get stuff on my hands, I have to have a washcloth to wash my hands because it just gets so annoying.”

3. Zayn and water


Zayn has a fear of open water areas and is unable to swim. It was a common fact that Directioners knew when the Bradford Bad Boi was part of the band and we’re pretty sure it hasn’t changed.

4. Leigh-Anne Pinnock and flies

LeighAnother common fact for Mixers is that Leigh-Leigh has a fear of flies and other things that fly.

5. Liam Payne and spoons


Everyone knows about Liam’s spoon phobia, which is a bit confusing but he doesn’t like them and that’s that. He does, however, have his own spoon at home, which apparently is different, as we once saw in an old Twitcam.

6. Camila Cabello and cockroaches


A fairly common phobia is of cockroaches and that’s what Camila has. “I hate cockroaches, they’re disgusting. I know that’s like a super standard one but I hate cockroaches.” We’re right there with you, Mila.

7. Jesy Nelson and sandwiches and rugby balls


Jesy has two phobias; one which is of sandwiches and anything slimy on bread. “I’d rather eat dog poo than bread and butter.” Nice.  Miss Nelson is also said to have a fear of rugby balls and had to be escorted off a rugby pitch where the girls performed after being overwhelmed by the balls flying around. We’ve been hit by one before and it hurts a bitch, so we can understand that.

8. Lauren Jauregui and loose hair and open doors


Lauren is another with two phobias. “One of them is open doors, I just absolutely… I can’t, I can’t handle them. They make me nervous and anxious. I feel so exposed when the door is open. And also loose hair, like if there’s a strand of hair on me that isn’t mine or is mine and but is not attached to my head, especially in the shower… ew!”

Well, that was interesting to find out, right? We don’t feel so weird about our phobias now.

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