8 ‘New Girl’ gifs that will make you want to binge watch the series and live in their loft.

1. The time Taylor Swift was the answer to everything.giphy

2. That time it was all about intercourse.ngg7 - Copy

3. That time seeing Prince sent everyone over the (2)

4. That time Winston had one too many lady cocktails.Winston-GIFs-New-Girl

5. When Nick was wiser than everyone else.6357391743307444281146207699_tumblr_n4lqfg7cdn1qdqw3ro1_250

6. That time a funereal was too much for Schmidt. giphy

7. And then that time no one could relate.6355374983529082601046906635_giphy

8. When Jess lost all control of her emotions.large (7)

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