8 books you probably didn’t know had a sequel

Some books are so iconic; you studied them in school, you discovered them on your gran’s bookshelf, or you’ve seen all the movie adaptations. But did you know that legend of a read also had a sequel?


No? Neither did we. But we do now. Here we list some of the more surprising sequels to books that we thought were standalones.

little men

1. ‘Little Men’. Who knew our favourite famalam had their story continued? But boys will be boys and Jo’s got her hands full in this story, for sure.

the starlight barking

2. ‘The Starlight Barking’ – Aww, ‘The Hundred and One Dalmations’ may have their sequel on screen, but they’ve got a “bona” fide story in print too. And there’s even a third book! Woof!

doctor sleep

3. ‘Doctor Sleep’ – Haunted by his childhood nightmare-turned-reality at the Overlook Hotel, Dan’s back. And in this sequel to King’s epic ‘The Shining’ things are still spooky!

closing time

4. ‘Closing Time’ – Is this a ‘Catch-22’? Hurr hurr. Heller revisits the characters from the beloved first novel as they near the end of their lives and reflects on the changes in culture and mindset. It’s not as gloomy as all that though.

second jungle

5. ‘The Second Jungle Book’ – THE SECOND? Yep. You heard us. A collection of short stories, most featuring Mowgli, but others are set in the same place.


6. ‘Twenty Years After’ – Just like ‘The Hangover’, these lads just hadn’t had enough the first time round. ‘The Three Musketeers’ are at it again. ” To a night the four of us will never forget!”

the wedding

7. ‘The Wedding’ – Just in case you didn’t get enough feels from ‘The Notebook’, Sparks went ahead and wrote a sequel. Turning people into wobbly piles of goo is a talent. And this author has it.

watership down

8. ‘Tales From Watership Down’ – It’s alright, bright eyes. Don’t cry. Read this instead and find out what happened after all the rabbiting drama in its predecessor.

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