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7 things girls with piercings are tired of hearing

Girls with piercings are so cool and fierce, it’s understandable why people stare at our flawlessness and are so interested in our lives.


Some of the questions we get asked daily can be pretty annoying (and also plain rude) though. We appreciate your concern, but we’re actually perfectly happy the way we are.

Here are 7 things you should probably never say to a girl with piercings:

1. “Did that hurt?”


I’ll just shove this needle through your skin and then you can tell me.

2. “It will be really hard to get a job”


Well you see, I actually already have one so…

3. “Why would you do that to your face?”


Idk, for the bants?

4. “You looked pretty without all that metal”


I still look pretty now.

5. “Do they set off the metal detectors at airports?”


Usually not, but you probably could’ve just asked Google this.

6. “Guys don’t like piercings”


Cool, don’t get them then – wtf that gotta do with me?

7. “So… where else do you have pierced?” *wink*


Oh my god, please leave.

How many things on this list can you relate to? Let us know what else you’d add @maximumpop

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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