7 reasons why ‘A Tragic Kind of Wonderful’ is the best book of the summer

Drop in your beach bag!

There are only 2 things you need in your bag this summer. Sun cream (be responsible, yo) and a great book. Lucky for you, we’ve found the must-read for your summer tote this season.

‘A Tragic Kind of Wonderful’ by Eric Lindstrom is going to be your new fave, and here’s why:

1. Well first off, duh, it’s Eric Lindstrom and WE KNOW you loved the heck out of ‘Not If I See You First’. What? You haven’t read that one yet either? Pssh. Now you’ve got two books to plop onto your summer tbr. You’re welcome.

2. It handles mental health is a responsible and realistic way. There’s no romancing of bipolar disorder here. But it also highlights that life still goes on, your mental health can hinder you, but it does not define you.

QUIZ: Which phenomenal read tackling mental health should you pick up next?

Learning to deal with mental health isn’t easy, but it’s possible

3. The cover. Yep, you knew we were gonna go there, though. It’s GORGEOUS! And we just know it’s going to look perfect in all your bookstagram snaps over the summer months.

I started A Tragic Kind of Wonderful this morning and I’m really liking it so far. Has anyone else read this?

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4. It’s got an ending to end all endings. Ok, maybe not quite that dramatic, but trust us, if you were ever in doubt of giving this book 5 stars, the ending will bump it straight to 6. Guaranteed.

5. You’ll be jotting down quotes from this book EVERYWHERE!


6. It’s got real heart. The honesty and the intelligent portrayal of young people, and young people with mental health issues, is refreshing and eyeopening. You’ll be a better person for have experiencing this story.

7. It’s just damn good, ok? We wanted to be less vague. But we can’t because we just ADORE this book and we’re so glad it’s now out there in paperback (to save your aching hands, curse you hardbacks!)

Have you already read ‘A Tragic Kind of Wonderful’? What did you think? Share you thoughts in the comments below!

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