7 reasons we love Emma Blackery including her hilarious skits and her love for animals

Singer-songwriter and YouTuber Emma Blackery is currently on tour with the amazing Busted and is also soon to release her new EP ‘Sucks to be You’, so what better time to just appreciate the beauty that is Emma?  Here’s what we love about Miss Blackery…

1. Her music is just fricking awesome

This isn’t the first time Emma has released music and if we’re honest, every song she has posted on YouTube or performed or released has just been amazing. We especially love ‘Sucks to be You’ because who hasn’t had a situation they can relate this to? And also it’s just so catchy. We can’t stop listening to it.

2. She loves bunnies and just protecting animals

On a now-inactive channel, Emma used to post a lot about being vegan and against animal cruelty. She was even super useful in talking us through the products she knew were vegan and cruelty-free.

3. She creates hilarious skits

Emma is more than just a pretty musician. She’s also really fricking hilarious. She’s posted a large amount of skits on her YouTube and this is probably one of our favourites.

4. She has the biggest heart ever

If there’s one thing we really admire about Emma it’s how much she cares about her subscribers. For example, her series ‘Feel Good 101’ has definitely had us feeling so much better about ourselves and we know it’s also impacted lots of others. How caring is she?!

5. She likes to make fun of herself

If you can’t poke fun at yourself from time to time, then what is the point? Emma is able to laugh at herself and not take herself too seriously which is definitely admirable.

6. She’s really passionate about music

Emma lives and breathes music. It’s definitely a big part of her life and makes her who she is today.  She also has a wide range of tastes which is commendable because we all love a good selection to choose from, don’t we? She’s just really rad.

7. She understands us

It may be cliche to call someone or something ‘relatable’ but we’d be totally lying if we said we didn’t watch her videos and feel like she often understands us. For example, she knows we have sinned online at some point (sorry but have you seen those 1D manips? HOT DAMN.) and good ol’ Emma had our backs and helped us out. What a babe.

We could sit here for days and talk about this gal but we want to hear from you – what do you love about Emma? Give us a cheeky tweet over at @maximumpop and tell us the reasons you love her. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to jam out to ‘Sucks to be You’ again.

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