7 life lessons from MP! Book of the Year winner Emery Lord

Emery Lord has easily made it onto the “auto-buy” list of many a-reader. And it’s not hard to see why, not only does she have us all feeling all the things with ‘When We Collided’


…but her other books are just as unputdownable. Not only are they page turners, but we’ve learnt some important life lessons from them too. Like these:

1. Life is hard. Life is individual. Following the story of ‘When We Collided’ from both Jonah and Vivi’s POV you get to see two very different sets of circumstances. Life, for each, is no picnic, but it does teach us that we’re not alone in our struggle. The struggle is real. For everyone in their own way.


2. Love is great. Love is lame. Falling in love, whether for the first time, or the millionth, is very rarely (if ever) straight forward. It’s filled with too many conflicting thoughts and emotions to ever be anything but complicated. Hearts can fall in love. Hearts can break. But what do Emery Lord’s books teach us? That it will HONESTLY be ok whatever happens.


3. You can live with your mental health. Vivi shows us how you can live a practically normal life even when you’re mental health isn’t necessarily what others might consider “normal”. It doens’t make you “crazy” or “disabled” in some way, it just means a different way of coping, perhaps.


4. Friendships are important. Reagan and Dee prove that point in ‘Open Road Summer’. But the power of relationships, at whatever level, is strong in every one of Emery Lord’s books, for sure.


5. Taking chances is good for you. Both Jonah and Vivi take some serious chances in ‘When We Collided’. If you don’t take chances sometimes you’ll probably miss out on some awesome stuff. And if those chances prove to be a bit of a disaster? You’ll learn and move on. It’s a win-win.


6. The end game doesn’t have to be a Happily Ever After. Not in the traditional sense. You can have a very satisfying outcome, even if it’s not the one you’re necessarily expecting, or even wanting.


7. We can all have dark days. We’re not all coping with a bona fide mental illness, but we can all have those days that are very UP and then very DOWN. But it’s totally normal to feel like life is swinging your moods around without a second thought for you.


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