7 ways these authors taught us about dealing with grief

Feels times a million

Cheer up. Which is probably the worst piece of advice for anyone working through their own personal grief. Whether its the loss of someone physically or the emotional loss of a relationship or experience, grief and loss can hit us all differently and brushing it aside as just a simple case of the sads is not the way forward.

Jeff Zentner’s beautifully wrought ‘Goodbye Days’ tackles grief and guilt head on and it shows us just how much light can be found in the process, as much as the dark.

We’re madly in love with this book. Raw and powerful. Cleverly funny. Realness. Carver’s story after losing his friends to tragedy teaches us just how strongly we can internalise grief, as well as turn it on ourselves.

But that it CAN be worked through.

‘History Is All You Left Me’ is Adam Silvera’s stunning return to our shelves. We adored ‘More Happy Than Not’ but HIAYLM is geeky, it’s messy love, it’s quiet, it’s loud. And most importantly it shows us just how working through the past, through your “history”, can sometimes be the only way to look forward.

The past is in the past. But you can’t ignore it. Step up and face it. 

Oh, THUG. This book is absolute magic. We don’t need to tell you all the reasons it’s important, but maybe the theme of grief is a little quieter in this read. But it’s the catalyst for so much of the exploration of other themes that you can’t ignore it. If Starr had not have lost her childhood friend in such a violent way… Would she have discovered so much about herself?

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Gayle Forman is a queen. In this story we follow Cody as she tries to understand why her best friend took her own life. And learning that maybe you can never truly understand someone and their motivations, but that it doesn’t make you or them mean any less to each other.

Who else is totally obsessed and in love with the Netlfix series of this book? So much yes. What does Jay Asher teach us about grief here? That it’s complicated. That it can be mixed with so many different emotions. That it’s hardly ever a neat or easy process. That you might not like what you discover about yourself. But you’ll come out the other end a stronger person.

This book is so sweet and is so very much a “summer” read that it’s probably a crime to not read it when the sun comes out. But it also shows us how complex and far-fetched the human mind can be. Gottie is struggling with her grief and its manifesting in a peculiar way. And that’s ok. Everyone will work through they shizz differently.

You knew this would be on here, right? The Harry Potter series did wonderful things for teaching our younger selves about death and loss and grief. We saw how each of our faves handled it differently and were reassured that through memory and legacy those who have passed can live on.

Which book is your fave on this list? Tell us in the comments.

Plus, Jeff Zentner’s heart-squeezing ‘Goodbye Days’ is out now. You can go, go, get your own copy!

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