6 reasons why Perrie Edwards is a hair and make-up Goddess

It seems lately that Little Mix are just a little bit incred. Like, we can’t get enough. Like, we listen to ‘Get Weird’ so much that it’s probs got a little bit weird. BUT WHO CAN BLAME US!


The ladies have got it all, and they just so happen to be the most stylish beauty gurus whilst they’re at it. If there’s some sort of secret potion to get style like that, we want it plz.

So we thought we’d chose one of these ladies, and list six reasons WHY they are just such a hair and make-up GODDESS – Perrie Edwards, step right up! Because where else to get a bit of inspiration than from a Little Mixer herself?

Let’s have a peek!

1. She ain’t afraid to try a risky hair do

With a tight French Plait,  Pez has brought a whole new level of teenage-chic to the red carpet. Braids are cool, man. Pezza proves it.

2.She can rock blue eyeshadow like it’s 1999

Right this ain’t even a hint of blue, this is A FULL PELT BLUE. If this doesn’t make you wanna whip out a rollerball blue eyeshadow, we don’t know what will.

3.Her hair can be curlier than a curly fry

It’s big, it’s blonde and it is BEAUTIFUL. Styled just so it bounces off the head, this look is an absolute showstopper. Queen!

4. She ain’t afraid of no dark lip

Sporting a more gothic look than usual, Pezza shows she isn’t afraid to mix it up in the make-up department and look a little more mysterious. And delightful. And… make-up goals, basically.

5. ‘Cause she’s got style like an 80’s icon

That make-up, that high pony-tail… Pezina looks every bit like a 1980’s ‘Vogue’ covergirl, and we love it. She dares to be different – and it bloody pays off.

6. Because even if she’s in a bathroom, with wet hair and a huge polo neck jumper, she STILL has ace make-up

Not letting no weather get her down, Perrie can be in the depths of winter and still have a glowing summer face, with warm nudes and oranges giving her a lovely dewy glow. We also love a bathroom selfie. A lot.

This girl! No wonder she’s hair and make-up goals – now if you don’t mind Perrie, we might be nicking your style just a little…

Is Perrie your hair and make-up icon? Drop us a line at @maximumpop!

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