6 struggles a girl with a flawless best friend will understand…

1. You’re always the friend who has to get with their best friend’s guy’s mate.tumblr_m3duk8NS9v1r2v66eo1_500

2. You have to accept that the reasonably fit mate of your best friend’s boy is only stuck with you because she’s taken.giphy

3. Everything looks better on her.same-outfit

4. You step out feeling good about yourself, until you see them…bdee77b0-3215-0132-403f-0ebc4eccb42f

5. You have to crop them out of all the pictures, or find one where they are pulling a weird face so you look better. But they still look good, lets be real…giphy

6. When they moan they are having a fat day or an ugly day, and you stand there an contemplate your whole life.yjTrgIi

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