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5SOS know everything weird about each other and we kind of want to know what the weird things are

Being on the road for the majority of the year with three other people means a lot of bonding and 5SOS have confirmed that fact for us.

The Aussie four-piece are currently touring North America as part of the Rock Out With Your Socks Out arena tour and have discussed with Heat magazine how they love the bus atmosphere with the team they have grown close with.

Michael Gus Bus

Talking on the subject, Ashton said: “The tour bus is great. We usually have 12 to 14 people onboard, so it’s like a little family, almost like a football team. The bad sides to touring are more like learning curves. [Actually], I don’t think there are bad sides to touring – it’s just learning how to be on the road. For example, you might not get to go outside for, like, a week.”

A week?! We hope there’s wifi for Netflix, online shopping and social media!

Luke went on to talk about how the lads pretty know each other inside out now: “I feel like, as a band, we’re pretty used to it by now. I mean, you can’t really be in a band with three other dudes who are your best friends and not really know everything weird about them.”

We would love to tour with the boys and get to know them really well. Who wouldn’t?!

Test your ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ lyric knowledge here.

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