5SOS Updates: LA bound and another amazing single!

Rebecca from @5SOSReport brings you the latest bits from 5 Seconds of Summer.

Last night, 5SOS arrived back in their so-called “favourite” place, Los Angeles! The boys were met at the airport by about 25 enthusiastic fans who welcomed them back to America.

Calum was sporting an adorable sweater and shorts combo, and sat on a ledge taking photos with fans who had waited for their plane to arrive.
BqOeKHaCIAIwJZ8.jpg-large(Calum with @sammyhbu at LAX on June 15)

Ashton was looking strikingly like a younger version of himself upon arriving at LAX. In fact, his hair looks almost identical to how it looked during the UK leg of the ‘Take Me Home’ tour, over a year ago!

Michael was still sporting his new green hair, and looked extra cuddly in what seemed to be Luke’s jumper with the sleeves cut off. However, upon a closer inspection, it was (luckily) not, which means we will hopefully get more super-adorable photos of Luke with sweater paws.


Luke took part recreating the famous “When he’s over 6 ft” vine.
and it was absolutely adorable!
The reactions from all the girls are pretty accurate, as Luke’s height is quite impressive!

The boys are rumored to be in Los Angeles reshooting their music video for ‘Amnesia’, which we will hopefully be able to see soon! Meanwhile another single was released in the US, Canada and Messico, ‘Kiss Me Kiss Me’

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