5SOS embarked on a world tour this year that visits Asia, UK & Ireland, Europe, Australia, America and Canada. Here’s what the 5SOSfam did to show them just how welcome they were around the world…


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Project: Since most venues sadly won’t allow balloons inside, we will be organising meetups for each date of the tour some hours before the concert. During this meetups, we will hold up balloons. We will then make videos of it so we can still create the big movement idea. Each concert has a few specific words that should be written on the balloons, so it will from multiples sentences in the end. It will be similar to a fan meetup, you can prepare the balloons together, make new friends, take pictures and videos, etc. Each meeting point will be determined late by the responsibles for each date, but it will be at the venue. (Outside the venue)
We wanted to create something to show 5sos that they’re actually making a difference. That they’re helping us with our problems, and that they showed us how to be more confident. That they showed us how to accept who we are no matter what everyone else think, and we wanted to include all of it as a part of The New Broken Scene. The idea is simple, for all the concerts of the tour hold up an A4 paper with the words “I AM” written on them, filling the blank with the word of your choicemail. Describing one of your struggles/insecurities, or just anything that people give you a hard time for in general. For example: “I am weird”, “I am nerd”. If you don’t like writing something too personal you can just put “I am me” or “I am who I am” instead. We will hold up those signs when they play Invisible, and if the song is not on the set list it will be Jet Black Heart. (Inside the venue)

Hashtag: #SLFLWWProject

Contact: Click here


Project:  We wanted to create a project to show 5SOS that they’re making a difference, that they’re helping us with our problems and that they showed us how to be more confident and how to accept who we are no matter what everyone else thinks, and we wanted to include all of it as a part of The New Broken Scene. The idea is simple, for all the concerts of the tour hold up an A4 paper with the words “I am ” written on them, filling in the blank with the word of your choice. Describing one of your struggles/insecurities, something that people give you a hard time for or something positive that you are proud of. Examples: “I am WEIRD” “I am ANXIOUS ” “I am A NERD ” “I am BRAVE ” “I am STRONG” “I am GAY/BISEXUAL…” etc.

If you don’t feel like writing something too personal, you can just put “I am ME” or “I am WHO I AM”
The posters will be held up during the song Invisible.
We will also be holding meetups all around the world to bring the 5SOSFam closer together, more details are on our website.

Project Hashtag: #SLFLWWProject

Contact: @SLFLWWProject // [email protected]

Project: We are making a documentary on 5 Seconds of Summer fans and are trying to get everyone worldwide involved whether they are going to the concert or not. The documentary will follow a few fans around the UK and show a day in the life of a 5SOS fan on the day of the concert. We will also be interviewing fans around the UK and have asked people who do not live in the UK to either vlog their experience of the concert, video themselves answering some interview questions, send us a video message of how 5 Seconds of Summer have affected their lives or to help film the opening sequence by lip syncing to Permanent Vacation.

Project Hashtag: #5SOSFanDocumentary
Contact: @5secsoftunes // [email protected]

Project: The idea of the 5SOS Tour Project is to have a project for every single person in the 5SOS Fam to participate in, whether they are attending a SLFL concert or rocking out at home. This project is a way to show 5SOS and all of our fellow Fam members that we are always there for each other, no matter what. It is a way to showcase and connect with the Fam all over the world! For the project, members of the 5SOS Fam take pics with the project sign that says “We are Beside You Wherever You are” and send them to @5SOSTourProject on Twitter to be posted on the 5SOS Tour Project WordPress (which is where you can also download the sign)!

Project Hashtag: #5SOSTourProject

Contact: @5SOSTourProject



Tour date: 3 March 2016
Venue: The Star Theatre, Singapore
Project: A3 posters will be held up during a certain song, with the 3 levels of the venue holding a different word each (1st storey: 5SOS; 2nd storey: Safety Pin logo; 3rd storey: Singapore). The big picture will show on-stage 5SOS the phrase “Singapore loves 5SOS”

Project Hashtag:  #OperationSLFLSingapore
Contact: @5SOS_SGFam // [email protected]

Tour date:  Saturday 12th March 2016

Venue:  Mall Of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines

Project description: We’re doing three things at the show. Amnesia: A different color per section and ‘WE THOUGHT YOU’D NEVER COME” Encore: Sing ‘Wherever You Are’ Last Song: “SALAMAT MAHAL NAMIN KAYO” which roughly translates to Thank You, We Love You

Project Hashtag: #Project5SOSPH

Contact: Click here


UK & Ireland

Tour Date: All UK & Ireland

Venue: All UK & Ireland

Project Description: This is a 5sos tour project for the UK & Ireland leg of sounds live feels live. The concept for this project is that each date will receive a different colour version of the new broken scene logo on a printout sheet to hold up during ‘Shes Kinda Hot’! The colours for each date go in order and by the end will have created a rainbow. The last show of the leg (Dublin 27th April) will have a different sheet with all of the colours which says that the UK&Ireland are proud to be a part of the new broken scene.
The idea is to show how proud the UK&Ireland are to be part of the NBS and how no matter who you are, you can be a part of it. All the colours represent how many different types of amazing people there are in this fandom and how when we all come together they we create something as beautiful as a rainbow! It’s also an amazing and unique way too show 5sos how thankful we are for giving us an amazing album which is inspiring and something they worked so hard on! As well as being something personal to the Uk&Ireland, where we can prove to everyone that even though we are only a little part of the world, we are powerful, dedicated and we do matter!

Hashtag:  #NBSRainbowProject

Contact: http://nbsrainbowproject.wix.com/nbsrainbowprojectt

Tour Date: Tuesday 5 April 2016

Venue:  Sheffield Motorpoint Arena

Project Description: chant “5SOS” when the countdown comes on. I know it isn’t the most productive project but I honestly think it would help 5SOS become more pumped up before the show starts. The idea is to have someone on the left, centre and right of the arena to chant 5SOS as loud as they possibly can in hope of others around them to also start chanting 5SOS until the whole arena is chanting 5SOS.

Hashtag: #Chant5SOS

Contact: @ObiMikeyKanobi


Tour Date: Thursday 7th April 2016

Venue:  London O2 Arena

Project description: 5 Seconds of Summer will be performing ‘Amnesia’. Before you come to the venue, print of or being a poster/picture of 5SOS or one of them individually. When Amnesia begins playing, pick up the picture you have brang and wave it on the air!

Project hashtag: #AmnesiaSurprise

Contact: @5SOS_Projects_

Tour Date:  Friday 8th April 2016

Venue: London O2 Arena

Project Description: After the ‘last song’ before they come on for the encore, some people thought that the whole arena could sing Over and Over seeming 5SOS have kind of let it die. We need people from each block to hand out lyrics and stuff to others in their block and hopefully we can pull it off!

Hashtag: #5SOSOverAndOver


Tour Date: Tuesday12th April 2016

Venue: Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

Project Description: So basically, to show our dedication to 5SOS, ww think it would be good to have a BLACKOUT when they play one of their intense songs such as broken home or invisible. We are not quite sure on the setlist yet but we will check up often. If they do play either of these songs, it will be a blackout so there would be no sound, the audience stay dead silent. And there will be no source of lighting seen either. If neither of these songs are on the setlist, one, they’ve got a pretty bad one, and two, we will find an alternative song too.

Hashtag: #5SOSBlackout

Tour Date:  Thursday April 14th 2016

Venue: LG Genting Arena, Birmingham
Project Descrpition: A colourful project for UK and Ireland to show our appreciation during Shes Kinda Hot creating the New Broken Scene rainbow

Project Hashtag: #NBSRainbowProject

Contact: @NBSUkIreland // [email protected]

Tour Date: April 14th 2016

Venue: LG Genting Arena, Brimingham

Project description: This project symbolises our acknowledgment of 5sos’ love for Will Smith. We would really appreciated it if you could hold up the picture in our pinned tweet during ‘Hey Everybody’ and sing “Hey Will Smith”. For more information or if you are available to help please follow and contact us on either our Twitter or Instagram,
We appreciate the help.

Hashtag:  #SLFLBirmingham

Contact: @WillSmithPRBirmingham


Tour Date: Thursday 14th April 2016

Venue: Genting Arena, Birmingham

Project: During the gap between the end of the main set and the encore the arena will be singing Unpredictable and holding up torches!

Project Hashtag: #SLFLBirminghamProject


Tour Date: Friday 15th April 2016

Venue: Motorpoint Arena Cardiff

Project:  This project is so simple but it would be so cute.
When they play Jet Black Heart, we hold up papers with ” You fix our broken hearts” on them to show 5SOS that we really can relate to this new album and that it has helped us a lot and we are all different in our unique way but they help us to go through it.

Hashtag: #JBHProjectCardiff

Contact: @SLFLCardiff15


Tour Date: Tuesday 19th April

Venue: SSE Hydro, Glasgow

Project Description: If you’re attending the 19th of April Sounds Live Feels Live tour date in Glasgow, this is the fan project for you! The plan is to hold up some kind of red light during “Carry On”. If you cannot use your phone/device for this, feel free to use red glowsticks/LEDs/finger lights, basically anything that is red and glows brightly. I would love to see an entire arena do this, and if any of you were fans of The Wanted, you’ll remember the “Make the Arena Glow” project. I’d love for the boys to see this, because I’m sure this song means a lot to a lot of people.

Project Hashtag: #CarryOnGlasgow

Contact: Click here

slfl (1)


Tour Date: Monday 25 April 2016

Venue: SSE Belfast

Project description: Many of us never got the opportunity to go to the New Broken Scene in Atlanta,Mel why not bring it here? My sister and Imare going to cut out the NBH safety pin heart to a massive scale and we plan on sitting in the arrival part of the International Airport with it with a sign that will say something along the lines of “This is our broken scene.” or the simple “5SOS are our safety pin.”

Project Hashtag: #5SOSNBSBelfast

Contact: @mxchaelsangel


Tour dates: 12th May – 11th June

Venue: Every European Venue

Project: It’s quite simple. Everyone is holding up a sign which shows a star, broken into two pieces, connected with a safety pin. One piece of the star is the flag of your nationality (german, french, italian,…) We also made stars with flags for the people who have to go to other countries like people from Poland Russia,… The other piece of the stars shows a part of the layout of our previous project. We got our message to the boys last year and we still can’t believe that they answered us and put it on the DVD!  Now we wanna show the guys how big the 5sos fam in europe is. We wanna show them that they brought us together and that they turned strangers into a family. We wanna show them that we don’t care who is part of eu or not, that we don’t care where the people are from, that we are a big European family.

Project Hashtag: #5SOSEUProject2 // #EuropeanSpaceProject

 Tour date: 21th of May & 22th of May

Ziggo Dome @ Amsterdam

Project: For the 21th of May we will do a project where we will hold up a poster with ‘This is our safe home’. You can easily download the paper on 5sosteamnl.blogspot.nl under the section “Fanacties”. We will probably do this during Broken Home, but if this song isn’t on the set list we will choose another song. Keep an eye on the site for the information! For the 22th of May there isn’t an project yet, if anyone has a good idea what we could do (since they are less people going to this show) then contact us!

Project Hashtag: #SLFLAmsterdam

Contact: @TeamNL5SOS


Tour Date: 25th May 2016

Venue: Amneville, France

Project: The project is to raise a bright balloon to create a colorful sea, during Beside You. Imagine the galaxie, illuminated in the night by many colorful balloons, spirited singing when Luke give us the word. Would not it beautiful ? For this you just have to crack a light stick, slip it inside the balloon , and then inflate and tie the balloons. Nothing’s easier.

Project hashtag: #SLFLAmneville

Twitter: @baloonproject

America & Canada

Tour Date: July 2nd, 2016 

Venue: Hersheypark Stadium

Project: The project for the SLFL Hershey tour date is going to be taking place during the song “Safety Pin”. During Derpcon, Michael mentioned how the song “Safety Pin” means a lot to him because it reminds him of the connection between the band and their fans. That gave me the idea to create the Safety Pin Project. The floor sections will hold up a sign with a safety-pinned heart that reads “You save us from falling”, while the stands hold up flashes on their phone along with the signs. Fans are also encouraged to wear black and red in support of The New Broken Scene Movement. In this moment I hope to create a feeling of connectedness between the boys and every single fan in the stadium. It will be a night for everyone to remember!

Project Hashtag: #SLFLProjectPA

Contact Info: @5SOSPAFAM // [email protected]

Tour Date: Saturday 9th July

Venue: Xfinity Center

Project Description: We will be having a “blackout” during the two songs of Invisible and Broken Home. During these two songs the crowd will be silent a and will not hold up any source of light.

Project Hashtag:  #SLFLMAProject

Contact: @slflmansfield

Tour Date: Wednesday 13th July

Venue: Bell Centre

Project Description: Since there’s only two tour dates in Canada we thought it would be a great idea to do something special for the boys from the Canadian 5SOS fam to show that we may all be from different parts of Canada but we’re all there in that arena for one reason. The venue will be divided into 3 different groups and each group will hold up a different sign .  Below is a how the groups are broken up and what sign you’ll be holding up!

Group no.1 (Canada)
– sections 111-119, 212-219, 318-328, 418-428
Group no.2 (Loves)
– Sections: ALL floor seats (including GA)
Group no.3 (5SOS)
– Sections: 120-103, 220-202, 329-302, 429-402

The signs for each group will be available on our Twitter  and they will also be available on our tumblr page. If you don’t want to use a poster than you can hold up a red or white light on your phone! The idea is that it will represent a Canadian flag!

We will hold these up during the first chorus of Safety Pin (if this is not on the set list we will change the song)

Project Hashtag: #CanadaLoves5SOS

Contact: @SLFLMontreal


Tour Date: Friday 15th July 2016

Venue: Madison Square Garden

Project Description: During Invisible, hold up a sign that has been created saying ‘5SOS thank you for showing us its ok to not fit in’. Signs will be handed out on the day of the concert outside MSGProject hashtag:

Contact: @BethanyRolon


Tour Date: 2nd September 2016

Venue:  Shoreline Ampetheatre

Project Description: We want the boys to know how much we appreciate them and their music. We can all agree They have saved or helped us in more in more ways than one. We are making paper airplanes, on one wing we will write ” WE’LL NEVER DIE” and on the other it will be a letter/note from you to the boys.
Each plane will be a different color based on the boys
Luke girls: Lights Blue
Ashton girls: Light Green
Calum girls: Light Pink
Michael girls: Yellow
Can’t choose: White
The colors are based off of the guys target edition of their SGFG album
Please bring or try to bring your own paper, we won’t have enough for everybody. But we will bring quite a bit extra so don’t worry if you can’t bring some. We will be spread out through the venue, so come and find us before the show. We will throw the airplanes after Luke finishes his part and Michael sings again during the song “Airplanes” and if the song isn’t played, we will throw them during their final bow towards the stage.

Hashtag:  #SLFLMVAirplanes

Contact: http://5sosmvairplanes.wix.com/slflairplanesproject

Tour Date: 2nd September 2016

Venue:  Shoreline Ampetheatre

Project Description: During She’s Kinda Hot, we wanted to do something special. Our plan is to have the 100s section hold up crowns, the 200s hold up black paper except for designated seats which will create a safety pin heart. Lastly, the lawn will hold up red glow sticks

Hashtag: #MTViewSKHProject

Contact: @SLFLShoreline


Tour Date: Monday 7th September 2016

Venue: Xfinity Centre

Project Description:  This project is a pre show project! We’re putting together a fanbook of letter written by the fans! It can be anything you want to tell the boys! We’re asking to have all the letters by June 10 in order to have time to put the put together!!! You can email letters to [email protected] or follow DM us on Twitter!

Hashtag: #SLFLMALetters

Contact: @WeWill_Meet5SOS


Tour Date: 16th September 2016

Venue: Smoothie King Center

Project Description: It’s a Glowsticks project that fans in the pit bring yellow Glowsticks; fans in the lower deck of Smoothie King Center bring green; and lastly, up top fans bring purple to form a Mardi Gras colour scheme!

Hashtag: #SLFLNola

Contact: @SLFL_NOLA_


To be confirmed