5SOS announce some extra songs for their Target edition of ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’.

Those Americans are bloody lucky, aren’t they? While we’re all excited for 5SOS’ new album to come out with just weeks left to go, if you purchase the album at Target, you’ll get TWO extra tracks. Not only that, but you get four different covers to choose from, which features fav/4 on each. We’re booking our flights as we speak.

The two new song titles are ‘The Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place’ and ‘Story Of Another Us’.  We imagine the first one is being stuck in between Mashton, which we will not complain about, and the second talking about our favourite ‘Don’t Stop’ characters… maybe?


Here’s hoping we get another instalment of “5sos playing silly buggers in Target to promote their album to strangers” which, quite frankly, we want to petition to get that going on at our local ASDA. Who’s with us?

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