5SOS are halfway through their Sounds Live Feels Live tour and we’re never going to forget these 11 incredible moments

5 Seconds of Summer are already halfway through the Sounds Live Feels Live tour. They’ve covered Asia and Europe and soon they’ll be heading off to the USA for the rest of the tour, time flies by so quickly.


Because we’re in denial that this era is almost over, we made a list of some of the most fab things to happen during their SLFL tour so far. From the Muke proposal to Michael breaking our hearts every damn night, here’s 11 incredible SLFL moments.

1) When they sung ‘Bangers and Mash’ during one of their UK shows

2) All of their made up songs for the shows tbh

3) Performing ‘Disconnected’ and destroying us in the process

4) Michael’s ‘X Factor’ audition. We’d totes put him through.

5) When they played ‘If You Don’t Know’ and we forgot how to breathe

6) Michael being a ‘stripper’, we’d hire him.

7) Ashton teaching Calum the ‘Cup Song’. True talent there.

8) The ‘Chasing Cars’ cover YAS

9) That one time they played ‘Broken Home’ during the tour

10) Michael singing ‘Jet Black Heart’ – SO MANY FEELS


Has your mind been blown? Tbh the Muke proposal stole our hearts, we’re dead. Any key moments we’ve missed out on? Tweet them to us @maximumpop, we need to know!

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