5SOS’ new single ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ is out in TWO DAYS! We’re dancing around in our underwear.

If you have been following 5onthewall for the past God knows how long, congratulations! You have reached the end. The countdown has ended which led to waiting… and waiting… and then some dude spray painting a wall for over an hour which actually turned out to be the single cover artwork before 5SOS popped up to let us know that it’s out in TWO DAYS (this Friday) along with the lyric video.

5onthewall x

The song has also been added to the Radio 1 C list so we will get to hear it on the radio very soon. 

THIS IS SO EXCITING! Although we would have preferred the spray painting to have been pre recorded and on fast forward with the boys doing a live announcement, but what can you do?


Excited for the new single? Annoyed you lost 2 hours of your life? So many mixed emotions! Tweet us your thoughts @maximumpop

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