Want to know what’s in 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘sex dungeon’…?

5SOS have a brand spanking new interview out in the new issue of Rocksound and it was a rollercoaster of new things we’ve learnt about the boys and we’ve found 5 facts you need to know.

5sos dance

1. Their ‘sex dungeon’ doesn’t see much sex happening – “We have a Playstation and an Xbox set up in there,” Luke explained. “We didn’t want to simply call it a games room.” Ashton went on to elaborate. “We were going to call it the Masturbation Station…” Cheeky.

2.  Luke hasn’t unpacked in three years – It’s been a long time since the boys have had a place to call home. “I haven’t unpacked in about three-and-a-half-years,” admitted Luke. “I’d like to have a house. I’d like to go somewhere, open my suitcase and put my stuff in a drawer or a cupboard – even the floor – just out of my bag…” well, we have a spare room if you need it, boys. With wifi.

3. Calum would like to work in a Starbucks – With the band being their first jobs (excluding Ashton. Did you know he worked in KFC? *take note of the sarcasm. We know you know.*) Calum feels like he’d want to take on a “normal” job. “I’d definitely want to be a barista or something for six months. Just to see. My first job was being in the band, so I’ve never experienced what my parents went through to get me here.” Sounds like a plot for a fan fic, doesn’t it?

calum starbucks

4. They don’t like  fandom names – Get ready to possibly rid the name “5SOS fam” (even though 5SOS actually named the fans that… uh..) as Ashton rants “People these days have fan names and stuff like that and it’s all kind of cringey to me personally. I’m not speaking on behalf of anyone else in the band, but I find it a little lame.” So just plain old “5SOS’ fans” then, Ash? Noted.

5. The New Broken Scene is a place for fans to feel not so bad about themselves and life – “It’s a thing for kids who feel like they’re shitty – for them to have a place where they don’t feel so shitty,” Michael explains what the NBS is all about.  Ashton adds “We want this to be something for everyone. It’s what we need as well. We need as a band to represent more than just dudes on a stage. There’s more to this band than that.” We know, boo. We’re so proud of what this band is creating. We feel like proud mothers.

You can order your copy of Rocksound right here.

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