The 5SOS family are creating out-of-this-world moments with their fan projects. Here’s one you need to be part of.

5SOS fans are hardcore. Remember the ROWYSO project by @5SOSEUProject last year which the lads loved? Well DAMN DANIEL, the 5SOS fam is back at it again with a brand new plan and here’s everything you need to know.

This project is going to take place during the boys’ performance of the song ‘Outer Space’ during their upcoming live shows, and the idea is to thank 5SOS for everything amazing they’ve done. How fricking cute?

cute gif

“The aim of this new project is to create the Outer Space in front of 5SOS for each European show. The stars represent the European continent and success, two things we wanted 5SOS to acknowledge.

“We’re proud of them and want them to know it! We designed the stars as the New Broken Scene’s logo to show how willing we are to integrate ourselves in this giant thing they set up for us.”

This is beyond adorable. If you want to take part, the project kicks off in Austria on 12th May so make sure you head over to @5SOSEUProject for all the deets.

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