G’day 5SOS! Our fave Aussies are back on home turf. Here’s everything you need to know about their trip down under

5SOS are finally back in Australia for a bit of time off before heading to the states to continue their world tour. Besides having some luxurious downtime, the boys also had another big reason to be down under yesterday as it was ‘National Vegemite Day’. Now, we all know how much those four love a bit of Vegemite, so it’s no surprise they were the advocates for the first ever holiday dedicated to their favourite spread.

The lads had so many promo events and interviews that we’ve decided to help you out and let you watch it all right here. No searching for videos for hours on end because we have them all under one roof. So sit back, grab a jar or Vegemite (if you have any… any other snack is also allowed) and just enjoy.

‘The Morning Show’

Now, we don’t know about you, but we definitely admire Michael’s ‘go hard or go home’ attitude. Though we think Ashton’s slice of toast is a heart attack waiting to happen!

YAS ASHTON. We love how this was a very Ashton-centric style – our little drummer boy is just lapping up the opportunity to play; even if he’s meant to be on a break.

Vegemite livestream

Ashton seems so happy to teach others how to drum and that makes us happy.

Michael just seems to love that selfie stick, doesn’t he? Not sure if he should quit the day job to become a cameraman, though.

The Vegemite Challenge

*Facepalms* Oh, Michael.

‘The Hit 30’ livestream

The enthusiasm here is incredible.

The boys trying to pronounce the fans’ names is delightfully entertaining.

‘Rove & Sam’

Ashton had a quick chat with Rove and Sam and we love the mention of Niall. Our 1D-5SOS hearts are soaring.

‘Studio 10’

Just look at how adorable they look and still tired because it’s early, omg.

‘The Project’

Poor Ashton! We would never name a rodent after him. Maybe a cute bunny or a puppy, though.

‘Fitzy & Wippa’

We had a cheeky check of our Tinder when we were at our ‘Sounds Live Feels Live’ show and sadly didn’t find any of the boys. We’re not impressed.

‘The Hit 30’

We just love the story about how ‘Castaway’ came about. Glad Luke’s stream didn’t make it onto the track, though!

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