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QUIZ: Can we guess your favourite 5SOS member?

This quiz is 99.9% accurate

5SOS are back and we’re bouncing off the walls with excitement. In fact, we sorta look like Michael does in this GIF right now. Bless his little cotton socks.

As die-hard fans of 5SOS know, our fave four-piece made their grand return at Incheon in South Korea last Sunday.

The gig marked the 10th anniversary of Luke starting his YouTube channel and is just one the few shows that the boys are playing this summer.

So, to celebrate the boys return we’ve put a huge challenge upon ourselves.

That’s right. We’re going to (try) and guess your favourite member of 5SOS using some ridiculously high-tech science. Get your lab coats and goggles on, 5SOS Fam.

Ok… so it may not contain science, exactly. Unless cute pictures of Luke and Petunia count? Our quiz actually involves you answering 10 pretty random questions. Once you’re done, we’re positive we’ll get your 5SOS fave correct. Kinda.

Did we do good or did we do good? Make sure you comment below and let us know if we guessed correctly.

You can also tweet us your results at @MaximumPop. Once you’re done, find out your 5SOS boyfriend by clicking here

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