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5SOS say they’ve learnt a lot of life lessons from their producer

When the 5 Seconds of Summer lads aren’t busy learning about music and working on new material, they’re turning to their producer John Feldmann to learn about life lessons.


Band member Luke Hemmings has told the Young Post: “(He taught us) to love music and to love it for the right reasons. He doesn’t do it for money; he doesn’t do it ’cause he has to. He just basically loves music, and he loves what he does.”

He continued: “Not everyone has that in the music world. It can definitely turn from a passion into a job pretty easily. You’ve got to do things to stay passionate.”

Luke also added that John has taught them some great tips for live performances: “For example, to keep my performances fresh, I try to look at the individual faces in the crowd. Every crowd reacts differently and you look at people that aren’t having a good a time as other people, and you try to make them have a good time. Performing can get a bit repetitive, so you gotta take a look at who you’re playing to.”

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