5SOS clear up the rumours about the Janoskians collaborations. Not the news we wanted to hear :(

Remember when The Janoskians said they had worked on a song with 5SOS? Turns out that was a bit of a porkie pie. Damn.

Speaking to Capital FM, The Janoskians said  “It was co-written by Calum Hood… it’s called ‘Cloudy’. I actually really like it – it’s one of my favourites. It was supposed to come out on this EP… the track is so huge that they wanted to release it on its own. We’ve been mates with him for a long time before they blew up and got so big… it was just fun times in the studio together, making memories.”

HOWEVER. After having a chit chat with Shazam Top 20 earlier this week, the 5SOS lads discussed the truth behind the matter.

Ashton put the rumours to a halt by saying: “Okay, let’s clear it up. It’s a song we wrote and we never gave it to anyone – we just never used it. There’s not many details.”

Luke then added: “No one told us they were using it. It was kind of a song we forgot about writing for the first album and it took us a while to remember what song it actually was… so we’re not sure if they’re using it or whatever… It was definitely never written for them or with them, but they might use it… they might not.”

Goddammit! There we were thinking the two groups full of Aussie babes were working hard in a studio together, having some banter, writing some tracks. Our dreams have been crushed. Guess whoever said The Janoskians could have the song were slightly ‘Disconnected’ with 5SOS, eh?

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Did you want them to collab as much as we did? Share your sorrows with us @maximumpop and let’s make sure whoever is at fault for the miscommunication is fired immediately pls.

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