5SOS take iTunes festival by storm, we’re so proud we sobbed all the way through.


Fans flooded from all over the UK clutching iTunes festival tickets to their chests, with another queue of hopeful ticketless fans waiting outside. This was one concert not to be missed.

With drum sticks flying, the boys broke into 18 which sent the crowd into a frenzy; I for one found the whole ordeal very overwhelming. We even spotted Niall Horan behind us going just as crazy.


The whole gig was one hot, sweaty, electrifying mass of harmonious 5SOSFam chanting along to the boys biggest hits of their new album. It was so emotional even Michaels hair began to cry.

By far our favourite moments of the night was when the crowd joined Luke with Amnesia (good singing girls), Ashton’s many drumming faces, Calum fiddling with his earpiece (those arms though), and Michaels hair leakage.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 06.55.23By the time they reached She Looks So Perfect the majority of the fans were suffering sore throats and sobbing hysterically on the floor.

If you didn’t get time to watch it, click here to view the whole thing.

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