According to Ashton Irwin,5SOS ‘want to be involved with music forever’ – we can live with this

If you’re hoping 5SOS will be sticking around for a while, we have some good news for you. Ashton has shone a light on the whole “how long will 5SOS last?” question with his emotional tweet speech.

Mr Irwin has been feeling the love that life has given him and has written another adorbs message on Twitter. Take a look…

Aww, bless! So adorable that we’re even willing to ignore the grammar mistakes. (*to FYI)

ashton cute

GAH. Everyone deserves an Ashton Irwin in their lives. Just look at him.

Are you happy 5SOS plan to forever be in our lives? Should we may as well get married? There must be some law in the world letting millions of girls marry the same four boys… let’s discuss our life plans with 5SOS over on @maximumpop

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