5SOS on Grimmy (or that time when Ashton got rejected live on air)

You can tell summer is on its way, in fact we had 5 seconds of it this morning.

They came. They saw. One of them struck out bad with a Radio 1 newsreader and they left a sandstorm in their wake. Confused? All will be revealed.

It’s never boring when 5 Seconds of Summer are around but this time was extra chaotic.  The lads, who are playing the 02 arena in London tonight and tomorrow,  kicked things off by reminiscing about the good old days when they did their first tour with 1D. After the gig they felt hungry so they just walked out into the food court and sat stuffing their faces with all the fans around them. Apparently no-one even knew who they were! I’m sure they’d have a bit more trouble with that now.

Some things never change though. Take the boys’ obsession with food for example. They reportedly have the best catering when on tour with endless cakes and soups. Grimmy chatted for a good five minutes with the boys about soups and we discovered that Michael isn’t so good at remembering the names of soups but he is a fan of the “red” one. Right…

They then proceeded to literally dissolve a fan with their amazing a capella rendition of “Michael wants a slice of pizza”, which will now probably be their next single. When we look at this GIF of the boys devouring ridiculously massive pizzas, it suddenly makes more sense. Just a bit more, mind you.

Then came the news, read by the lovely Tina Daheley. 5SOS were all quick to compliment her soothing tones and Ashton even plucked up the courage to invite her to their show tonight. Her reply was less than ideal:

“Ermmm, I’m busy.” Wow. Not quite what Ashton was hoping for.

Nick then shouted “5SOS just asked you out!” in shock and Ashton replied:

“Not 5SOS, just me.” Poor Ashton!

Then came a series of rapid-fire questions including the ones we were all dying to ask:

  • “Do you still have an inexplicable love of the penguin, Luke?” Apparently his love for all things penguin is no longer unconditional. IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE?!
  • “What word makes you cringe the most?” The answer to this one is the word “plump” (because it sounds odd) or “bed” (because the actual word looks like a bed. GASP! It does).
  • On a side note, if you were ever thinking of sending the lads a present, they just want to be sent long black socks. Easy Christmas list for their mums then.

They then concluded the session with what is the worst Instagrim Booth photo ever:

And they were played out by their favourite early noughties banger Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’.

All in a day’s work for hurricane 5SOS.

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