5SOS have almost finished their new album and have been teasing us. THE MIXED FEELS.

Get excited! 5SOS have confirmed they have almost finished their second album. Whoot!


Speaking to Nova 96.9, the lads said the majority of the album has been finished. How exciting?!

They also said that fans should expect a more ‘personal’ album in comparison to the debut album that they released last year.

Talking about album number two, Ashton said  “We wrote an album in LA in about three months. It’s all recorded. I love it.”

“It’s very different – I wouldn’t expect the same thing.”

Mr Hemmings then added  “We’re very proud of it. It’s almost finished – there’s a few bits we need to do to it.

“Very happy with it – couldn’t be more proud. It’s definitely more personal than the first album. The first album was all over the place, because we wrote it over such a long period of time.”

Can we like hurry it up a bit, lads? We need the album ASAP because we aren’t very good at waiting.

5sos gif xx

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