5SOS fans are making a book and you can get involved too

Never underestimate the power of a fandom. The 5SOS Fam are currently hard at work. Not only are they putting on amazing tour projects for the boys, but they’re even creating a book!


In a quest to show 5SOS how much of an impact they have on the fans, they are working on sharing fan stories and putting them in an actual book for the boys and other fans to read!

“This project is time to shine a light to show how much music and bands can actually change a person. Whether it’s something small like creating new friendships or actually helping someone in their darkest hour, it would be incredible to shine a light on what this band has done to help their fans.

Now, a fan book may sound very typical, but this is something on another level. The aim is to compile real stories from real fans from around the world and put them into an actual book. A properly printed book. At first, it will just be the one copy which we will contact 5SOS’ PR and ask for a direct address for them to guarantee they can give this book to the boys themselves. If the book is proven to build a popular interest, then this could potentially lead to getting multiple copies printed and putting them for sale online for fans to purchase and read themselves. Either way, let’s make a book and show people how beautiful music is and how it can change lives.’

Want to get involved? Retweet the tweet below and check out the book’s site. We can’t wait to read it!

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