5SOS have been posting cryptic clues – but what do they all mean?!

We are tearing our hair out and stressing. Why? Because we’re in a fandom, that’s why. Well, we’re in many, but at the moment, it’s the 5SOS fandom which stresses us out. Damn you, boys.

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For the past few days, the lads have been posting some cryptic clues via and we have been like Sherlock Holmes himself trying to decode what everything means. Here’s what we have found so far:

The 5ONTHEWALL website shows a countdown on the screen, so there’s definitely an announcement of some sort to expect on Wednesday.


There was a picture they posted of a heart with a safety pin in, which is definitely related to this because what else would they post it for?

A photo posted by 5 Seconds of Summer (@5sos) on

They then posted this irritating dialling tone along with the caption “hello?”

hello? WWW.5ONTHEWALL.COM #5ONTHEWALL A video posted by 5 Seconds of Summer (@5sos) on


If we weren’t feeling stressed out as it was, they then posted this captured “SMASH”

You know, instead of making a 5 minute video, ya could have made a GIF, boys. Just ask the fandom, they’re brilliant at making them. Fans then managed to get the HTML of 5ONTHEWALL to show up and this was a message that showed up:

Which then later changed to a date (which is this Friday, btw)

Fans THEN realised the number on the HTML was the number dialled earlier during the “Hello?” clue which they decoded:

The latest clue is on 5onthewall’s website again with a creepy automated voice saying some gibberis and the screen saying “5ONTHEWALL.COM/_ _ _ _ _ _. However, if you download some sort of app which plays what you record backwards, the voice is actually saying “the missing word is hotdog” which leads you to this website where the automatic voice says: “my friend left college cause it felt like a job, his mum and dad both think he’s a slob”


“I got crazy dreams my shrink is telling me” “My friend left college cause it felt like a job, his mum and dad both think he’s a slob” “We’re alright though”

We’re thinking so far that it’s a single and some even say it’s called “safety pin” because of the picture we saw earlier. However, what does the TV being smashed mean? We thought it could have been a collab with Fifth Harmony because ‘Sledgehammer’ but surely they would have used a clue for ‘Worth it’ since that’s their latest single? GAH, so much to think about.



UPDATE 13/07/2015

For a few hours today, the 5onthewall website played some morse code which fans have translated.

Definitely some lyrics going on. We also managed to work out that the time and date of the announcement is Wednesday 15th July at 6:30pm UK time. You know where to be at that moment, right?

UPDATE 14/07/2015

It’s that heart with the safety pin again and it seems to be interrupting the entire world (and our lives). Stop playing around with different cities, boys and tell us wtf is going on!

Whatever it is, we’ll probably be getting more clues before Wednesday (the countdown) and something will be happening Friday (html) so whatever you do, do not leave your house for the next week and help us patch the clues together. If you work out anymore, be sure to tweet us @maximumpop and we will update right here and try to work it out together.

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