‘Ey up! It’s the best bits of 5SOS on Celeb Juice! And it got pretty saucy…

ITV have been so good to us with 5SOS on TV shows lately, haven’t they? 5SOS were on our telly box last night and made us LOL so hard on ITV 2’s Celeb Juice. If you missed it, no need to worry, as we’ve got some of the best bits right here.

After being asked by THE Stephen Hawking (sort of), Michael had to prove to Science that you could burp out a candle…

…and succeeded! Here’s Ashton trying to name three body parts that begin with “T”… notice how he tries to avoid one but Keith encourages him after.

5SOS joking about Michael coming up with the band’s name after his first… alone time… 

Ashton successfully named three green vegetables within 5 seconds and looked immensely proud

Michael swearing. A lot.

Keith Lemon Michael Celeb Juice

Oh what we would have done to be in the audience to see everything uncut.

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