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QUIZ: Who is your 5SOS boyfriend?

We’ll take Ashton!

If you’ve ever wondered who you’re most likely to date in 5SOS and how the magical moment would happen, wonder no more! Maximum Pop! have put together a highly scientific quiz that gives you the most accurate result.

Okay… it might not be THAT scientific but it sure is fun. All you’ve got to do is answer the 9 questions below. Once you’re done, we’ll reveal who your dream bae is.

Will you meet Luke at a bowling alley? Calum at a record store? Michael at an arcade? One thing’s for sure, you guys better stay away from Ashton because he’s ours – hehe.

Don’t forget to pass our Twitter handle onto the lads when you go out on your romantic date. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Also sure you tweet your results to @maximumpop so we can ship you both.

Who did you get? Leave a comment below and tell us your results. Once you’re done, don’t forget to share the quiz with all your 5SOS pals.

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